Sage Pastel Payroll Advantage

Sage Pastel Payroll Advantage

Sage Pastel Payroll Advantage

This comprehensive payroll and HR solution offers powerful features and enhanced functionality. Pay once and get the complete 5in1 payroll solution.
Sage Pastel Payroll 5in1 includes the following features:

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  • Human Resource Management - If you hire, fire or pay staff, you are already doing HR. With a legally compliant and automated HR system, you can avoid costly CCMA cases or having to pay a compensation for wrongful dismissal
  • Self Service - Self Service is a web-based self-service tool that enables employees to manage and maintain their own information online and thereby carry some of the overall HR administration responsibility.
  • Salary Structuring - Salary Structuring simplifies the complicated task of structuring a Total Cost To Company remuneration package, according to the employee’s letter of appointment.
  • Multiple Transactions Manager - Multiple Transaction Manager allows you to give the entire company a salary increase based on either a set value or a specific percentage and process a production bonus or commission by only using one screen.
  • Third Party Payments - With our Third Party Payments Module, any company deduction or contribution can now automatically be paid over to the relevant company with the click of a button.

Sage Pastel Payroll Add-On Modules

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