About Us

Capital Management Consultancy is a certified Sage Pastel ERP, Accounting and Payroll software Business Partner offering consultancy, sales, implementation, support and training of all Sage Pastel products.
Established in 1993 initially as a business advisory and consultancy services company, Capital Management Consultancy now specialises in consulting, sales, installations training and support of accounting and payroll software to small and medium enterprises (SMEs). The company started with a vision to provide financial and business services through:

Advising clients on financial and business management tools such as book-keeping and accounting, use of financial information, cash flow management, budgeting and budgetary control, and business planning.

The company’s core business now includes the following:
a) Designing and setting up suitable accounting and payroll systems for clients.
b) Advising clients on the advantages of computerising their financial information systems.
c) Sourcing, supplying, and implementing suitable accounting and payroll packages along with accessories such as stationery for the programmes (invoices, statements & payslips).
d) Training users and providing after sales support to software users.
e) Outsourced accounting and payroll services.

The company mainly provides, trains and supports Pastel Software accounting and payroll products. Capital Management Consultancy is a registered authorised reseller with Softline Pastel, since 1996, and has Authorised Training Center (ATC) status.

We have a fully equipped training centre where delegates attend courses run using Pastel Software approved material. Exams are set, marked and certified by Pastel. One-on-one on site customised training is also provided.

Capital Management Consultancy also provides an outsourced accounting and payroll service to clients without in-house accounting staff and infrastructure.

Under the directorship of Sitwell Mukali, a graduate in finance and economics with years of accounting and consulting experience, and a suitably trained staff compliment, the company has since inception established itself in the areas of financial information systems consultancy and provision of accounting services.

The Director is a fully certified installer and trainer for Pastel Software Accounting and Payroll products.

Several other staff members are certified at different levels to implement Pastel Software systems.

Though we recommend a wide range of software, some industry specific, focus is on Pastel Software whose range of products can be marketed to a wider range of businesses both by size and type of business. They can be applied across diverse industries, are user friendly and affordable.

Capital Management Consultancy has over 200 accounting and over 50 payroll software clients from various sectors as highlighted below:

1. Public Companies/Parastatals
1.1 Royal Swazi National Airways
1.2 Swaziland Diary Board
1.3 University of Swaziland (UNISWA)
1.3.1 Kwaluseni Campus
1.3.2 Luyengo Campus
1.3.3 Mababane Campus
1.3.4 UNISWA Foundation
1.4 Swaziland National Sports Council Affiliates
1.4.1 Swaziland Martial Art Federation
1.4.2 Swaziland National Tennis Association
1.4.3 National Netball Association of Swaziland
1.4.4 Swaziland National Tennis Association
1.4.5 National Netball Association of Swaziland
1.4.6 Swaziland Dance Sport Association
1.4.7 Swaziland National Badminton Association
1.4.8 Swaziland National Volleyball Association
1.5 Local Organising Committee
1.6 Swaziland Standards Authority (SWASA)
1.7 Ministry of Housing & Local Govt. – World Bank Local Govt. Project.
1.8 Ministry of Health & Social Welfare – National TB Program (NERCHA Funded project)

2. Private Companies
2.1 USA Distillers
2.2 Easigas Center
2.3 Builders Discount Centre – Pastel Evolution
2.4 The Swazi Observer
2.5 Royal Villas
2.6 Tisuka Taka Ngwane
2.7 Federation Of Swaziland Chamber of Commerce
2.8 VIP Protection Services
2.9 Mormond Electrical
2.10 Turbo Diesel
2.11 Carson Group of Companies
2.12 Swazi Wire – (Manufacturing)
2.13 Sifundzani Primary & High School
2.14 Bahai Schools Of Swaziland
2.15 Clinic Group – Pastel Partner & Evolution
2.16 Packaging Solutions Swaziland - Manufacturing

3. Non-Governmental Organisations
3.1 The Family Life Association of Swaziland – Pastel Partner & Evolution
3.2 A.C.A.T – Lilima
3.4 Manzini Youth Care
3.5 Eswatini Swazi Kitchen – (Manufacturing)
3.9 Catholic Church
3.10 Imbita Womens’ Trust
3.11 Eswatini Kitchen Honey – (Manufacturing)
3.12 Micro Projects 10th EDF

4. Co-operative Societies
4.1 Vuvulane Farmers Co-oprative - Mhlume
4.2 Yetfu Sonke Credit & Savings Co-operative (RSSC – Mhlume)
4.3 Uniswa Savings & Credit Co-operative (UNISWA)
4.4 Kuhle Kuhlangana Savings & Credit Co-operative (Swaziland Breweries)
4.5 Luyengo Dairy Farmers Co-operative.